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A Letter to the Graduates of 2015

Dear students,

It is the early autumn, but we feel as if in spring because here we seem to see many people with dreams and pursuit of progress turn their eyes to Shuangwei Group. When you open this website, our enthusiasm will join your expectations. We do believe that all the talents yearn for an excellent stage, which Shuangwei Group will offer you.

During the high-speed development and continuously transcendence of Shuangwei Group in 13 years, the advanced talent view of “talent is the first resource” attracts a batch of talents with knowledge and management ability to open up a new prospect and create wealth for Shuangwei Group. There is no lack of the key school students in these talents who adhere to Shuangwei’s spirit of “truth-seeking, innovation, and make a step further every day” and fight in every line of the enterprise for their ideal and Shuangwei’s future, continuing to shed their enthusiasm. Here we would like to thank all the universities for cultivating so many excellent talents for us. Here, we are like-minded; Here, we are hand in hand.

Time flies, your four years of college career is coming to an end, how to find a home for the dream you have in mind these years? Shuangwei Group is a large comprehensive enterprise group integrating property, gardens, agriculture, hotel, etc. This is the stage we prepare for you. We are pleased to call the staff who directly set foot in Shuangwei after their graduation “Shuangwei Star”, which we name it as “Shuangwei Star shines the future”. The high-quality buildings of Shuangwei dress up China, which rely on you to carry forward.

I believe you have a certain understanding of Shuangwei Group through our website or other ways that Shuangwei is an enterprise who “respects knowledge and talents”. What we need is like all of you at present with confidence in life and passion for work. You have the youngest strength and the most advanced awareness of innovation and courage, so that you will obtain a very brilliant future through the platform of Shuangwei.

Hebei Shuangwei Group Co., LTD

Human Resources Department