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【 Based on the people who make concerted and strenuous efforts】

Shuangwei people who work hard for the realization of enterprise’s goal are the strivers. People–oriented idea of Shuangwei reflects in that they regard the people who make concerted and strenuous efforts as the basis. Shuangwei people admire the arduous struggle, honesty and uprightness, thrifty in managing a household. Shuangwei people appreciate and accept the people with lofty ideals who could bear hardships and brave struggle to create business career together. The characteristics of Shuangwei striver reflects in the following.

1. Adhere to the entrepreneurship

2. Keep to integrity

3. Efficient execution

4. Eagerness to learn

5. Courage to fight against formidable task

6. Fight side by side

【On benefit of the company】

It is requested that every Shuangwei people should be loyal to the large organization of Shuangwei

and highly responsible for their own career; Anything that is conducive to the development of Shuangwei should be done actively and seriously. In order to guarantee and pursue the fundamental interest and overall interest of long-term development of Shuangwei, we must:

1. Cultivate large view

2. Build up grand thinking

3. Erect overall Situation

4. Explicit big ambition

5. Possess big heart

【 “Based on striver, grow up in the struggle” is the idea of talent selecting and talent training of Shuangwei】

The first requirement of Shuangwei for talents is to identify with and actively fulfill Shuangwei culture and to share weal or woe with the enterprise. Shuangwei attaches great importance to the talents and cherish the staff's effort and contribution, considering talents decide Shuangwei’s future. Shuangwei will continue to increase investment in talent growth. Shuangwei will provide platform for the development and growth opportunities in its maximum range for the staff who has the spirit of “strivers”, reasonably meeting the diversified demands of the staff. Shuangwei encourages competition and builds an objective, fair, righteous and open assessment and incentive mechanism, forming a scientific human resources layout through reasonable competition.